Close Protection


The Course 

We intend providing you with a Close Protection Course catering specifically for small team operations or solo operations (South African conditions) that will strongly augment your skills base by way of the courses multi dimensional nature. 

Pre Selection Requirements 

We require that you:
 • Have a matric or equivalent education certificate. 

 • Are able to do 30 pushups / 60 sit ups / 8 pull ups / run 2,4 km 

 • Are able to swim 

 • Are between 23-45 years of age 

 • Hold a current drivers license. 

 • Hold a valid passport 

 • Hold a firearm license 

Tuition Method 

GTTI also guarantees recognition (RPL) with this qualification for any future accreditations that may be required in South Africa. The training we provide is outcome-based training and as such students are expected to undergo both practical and theoretical evaluations at various times during the course. Though the course is theoretical the focus will remain on the learner’s actual practical ability to perform the functions required by him or her. 

Course Structure

The course three full weeks and training runs from 8am to 6pm daily including some night exercises. Training is of a physical nature and the students will find it impossible to concentrate and maintain their abilities for a longer period of time per day. 


Students are required to bring their PT clothing, shorts and running shoes. Students can wear casual clothing when working in the classroom. For the practical exercises and evaluations, students should be in possession of an old suit, tie and old formal dress shoes.



Students are required to provide their own firearms (pistol) plus two magazines, belt holster and magazine pouch for the course as well as 600 rounds of ammunition. Students are also to bring ear and eye protection, a baseball type cap, an old jacket and sunscreen.