Skill Builders

Skill Builders

Tactical Handgun Level 01

This course is focused on first time firearm owners that want to develop their skills to build confidence and muscle memory.

Our objective is simple – to teach you how to stay alive.

• Situational awareness

• Draw fire techniques

• Fundamentals of shooting

• Equipment and carry conditions

• Body positions

• Cover and concealment

Duration of the course: 6 hours 

Skill Certification: Graduate and Distinguished 


Tactical Handgun Level 02

This course will provide you with the Most Intense Armed & Unarmed Self Defense Instruction in South Africa. This is a progressive system of personal combat that integrates tactical pistol, folding knife, stick and empty hand skills.

All previous skills learnt in Level 01, plus….. 

• The Failure to stop shooting response & after action procedures 

• Tactical reloads & speed kneeling position 

• Multiple threat response tactics 

• Pistol threat countermeasures and disarms 

• Handgun striking, trapping and grappling intermediate / alternative force skills 

• Holstered & active handgun retention tactics 

• Shooting on the move 

• Stress induced techniques 

• Pistol strikes – impact weapon 

• Gunfight simulations 

Duration of the course: one full day

Skill Certification: Graduate and Distinguished