About Us


Global Tactical Training Institute was founded due to a ever growing need for quality firearm training and as such has grown to be a leader in tactical firearm training in South Africa. GTTI conducts training in all firearm related unit standards from basic to advanced, tactical, Close Protection and Instructor training to various sectors including civilian, private security, nature conservation and Government. The shooting range we use is accredited with the SABS and SAPS and all our assessors and moderators are well qualified.

GTTI is accredited with PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers Council), Sasseta (Safety and Security Sectoral Education and Training Authority), Psira( Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) and the SAPS(South African Police Service)

Mark comes from a military and police background having served in the South African Defence Force. Mark has a great passion and desire to educate firearm owners to hone their skills in firearms. His vast experience started when he qualified as an MA Instructor opening his first school teaching martial arts(SFC country representative) which then progressed and incorporated firearms.

Mark is a qualified ITFA training counsellor (instructor trainer) and one of a few Instructors to have conducted training to members of South African Police Service (SAPS) and The Scorpions (South African Elite Law Enforcement) in an official capacity and sat on the SGB (Standards Generating Body) on the USE of Firearms.

Mark has had an opportunity to attend courses and work with trainers from many different countries with regards to Defensive Tactics including tactical Edge / Improvised Weapons, CQB/CQC, Close Protection, SWAT Training, and Tactical Firearm Training. He has also attended courses and trained privately with members of Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz), American and British SF units and Law Enforcement and various other well known martial trainers.