Our Motto:

Expect Chaos, 

Train in Chaos, 

Thrive in Choas.

Tired of traditional martial arts? 

Looking for a real personal defence system? 

Why not come and train with us?

Whether you are an athlete training for the ring or a warrior training for self preservation our extensive training program will have you reach your goals. Our system is combat proven and taught in a safe, realistic environment. You will learn to fight in the stand up, clinch and ground fighting ranges of combat.Here there are no ego’s just functional, realistic training! 

Our coaches Mark, Martin and Joe are exceptionally well qualified with many years of experience from teaching civilians, security, special forces, police SWAT teams, counter terrorist teams both locally and internationally. They want to pass on their knowledge to teach you how to use and defend yourself against a variety of weapons including firearms( handguns and long guns) , sticks , edged weapons and unarmed combat in all ranges of combat under all conditions.

Please feel free to come and train in a class, with no obligation.

18.30 – 20.00
boxing class
Knife/edged weapons
19.30 – 21.00
ground fighting
Stick Combat
Traps & LocksAdvanced

Terms & conditions

Fees: Are R400.00 per learner per month. 

It is payable with Martin at the beginning of each month at the first class of that month that you attend. The fees are for the entire month and cannot be apportioned to weeks or classes. You may attend any of the six classes on monday to wednesday. The Thursday classes are reserved for advanced learners and prior arrangement is required. Classes start promptly and you MUST be on time, 15-20 minutes before class starts to warm up and stretch, as late comers will be denied entrance. Please ensure that you have the appropriate equipment, protection and clothing for each class. Public holidays: No training on public holidays. However please confirm in classes preceeding the holiday.